Why You Will Love a Bodrum to Gokava Blue Cruise

If you are in Turkey with 8 days free and have yet to decide how to spend them, I recommend a Bodrum Gokava Cruise as the perfect way to discover the adventure and relaxation waiting for you on the turquoise Mediterranean waters, all while cruising on a traditional Turkish gulet. This particular cruise is jam packed with amazing experiences including breathtaking scenery, historical sights, exciting nightlife, relaxing down time and loads of fun in the sun.



Starting off in Bodrum with its legendary nightlife is a great way to get pumped up for a week of fun. During the day, be sure to take some time to explore a few of the historical treasures available in Bodrum of which my personal favorite is Saint Peter’s Castle – portrays Turkey’s varied and colorful past and offers stupendous views of the entire city. Before heading out on the town for a night of seemingly never-ending fun, make sure to take note of the magical sunset that is especially photographable around the marina area!

It’s always the awesome people on the boats that make for all the great times to be had, but from meeting people on other boats along the way, it seems that great minds just think alike and these cruises simply attract really fun people. Some nights the group will decide to just stay on the boat and dance the night away to the music blaring from the boat’s sound system. Maybe set up a beer pong table and create a little friendly competition among new friends. After a night filled with crazy fun, sleep it all off on the deck under a sky full of stars.

There are plenty of opportunities to get on land in the evenings for some party time. One great stop for endless dancing and merriment is Marmaris. There are plenty of bars offering a more traditional Turkish scene, but also loads of places tucked up from the marina offering live music, dancing and even a street of bars near Blueport Shopping Center showing football on large screen televisions.


No matter what age you are, a blue cruise is the perfect opportunity to bring out your inner child with some fun water sports and there are loads of opportunities to get out and enjoy the water whether it be snorkeling, water skiing, parasailing, or banana riding! One great spot on this cruise is called the English Harbor, as British torpedo boats hid here during World War II. It is an excellent spot for swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing. Also, English War ships lay underneath the turquoise blue waters so is a perfect spot to get the snorkel gear out.

What is a cruise along the Mediterannean without a little romance? Or a little quiet “me-time”? The beauty of hoppping on a cruise boat is that you get access to those hidden little spots that wouldn’t be able to venture to by yourself. One spot like this on the tour is Cokertme Bay, a small sheltered bay area protected from the winds. It has a long coastline with forests of pine and olive trees coming right up to the edge. A great spot to take a relaxing personal swim or snorkel session and then head on shore at night for a belly dance performance at one of the local restaurants.

Another great secluded area is in Hamam Bay where you can visit the ruins of an old Hamam called the Cleaopatra Bath. In this special cove, the volcanic structure of the natural hillside supports theories of the previous existence of a crater lake, which provided warm water to the bath in ancient times. It’s rumored that Cleopatra herself came here to bathe in the bay and came with Marc Antony especially for their honeymoon. Grab your snorkel gewar and check out the monastery ruins located under the water. Unlike many other sites, Hamam Bay is yet to be protected so it’s possible to totally immerse yourself in the sites and surroundings while snorkelling over the ruins.



Who would imagine that food would be one of the best things on a boat? But, this Bodrum Blue Cruise has been repeatedly praised for having some of the best dining out on the water. The crew greet you onto the boat saying they hope none of the guests are on a diet because there is no way weight loss is going to happen while onboard.

Every morning starts with a classic Turkish breakfast which, I have to say, is the greatest thing in the world. Lunch is also a delicious sampling of traditional Turkish foods – eggplant and peppers cooked in tomato sauce, yogurt –based dips, locally-sourced fresh veggies served with rice and breads. Yum. Every afternoon there is a chai break with tea and coffee served with some cookies and pastries – a great way to refuel with all the activity of the day.

And, last but certainly not least, is BBQ dinners. The chef grills up mouthwatering, freshly caught fish, lamb chops, and much more. The dinners honestly might be some of the best food you will eat in Turkey. So yeah, probably no weight loss will happen…but maybe with all the activities during the days you can come out even?

Written by Lauren DeGarmo for Alaturka Cruises

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