Why You Should Leave Your Laptop at Home While Traveling

All you really need is a notepad and a pen.

All you really need is a notepad and a pen.

Photo Credit: JesseRad 

These days, you would be hard pushed to find a backpacker or traveller without a laptop or some kind of electronic device that keeps them in the internet loop. It is just a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family, and easily update news about your travels. But travellers are perhaps becoming over reliant on technology and losing the values of travellers of old.

The argument being put forth here is that it is by no means essential to have your link to the real world with you, and it may even enhance your travel experience further if you were to go without it for a few weeks.

By no means should you cut all contact with people back home when you are away, but there is no need to be constantly in touch with them. In the old days, many backpackers would convene in internet shops. These are all over the place in areas that are popular with backpackers, and they still do good business today.

Maybe allow yourself to visit one of these shops once a week. From here you can upload your photos, blog about where you have been, or just Skype with family. Or for some entertainment to remind you of home, play games online. For example, there are plenty of opportunities to play Pokies online for free for backpacker budgets. Not only are the internet shops great for doing all these things, they are good meeting places to get to know other travellers, and also to chat with local people.

Live like Leonardo DiCaprio and co in "The Beach"

Live like Leonardo DiCaprio and co in “The Beach”

Photo Credit:  Dave_B_ 

At first you may experience some withdrawal symptoms from not having your tablet or laptop with you, but after a few days you will really enjoy the freedom of not having to check your Facebook every five minutes. It will give you a good chance to really appreciate what you are doing, enjoy the nature, and make the most of your experience.

Not only that, but you also don’t have to worry about losing your valuable electronic device, or it being stolen. For a lot of travellers, this would be a huge weight off their shoulders. Many a trip has been ruined by the loss of an expensive possession. All you really need is a cheap camera and a run-of-the-mill mobile phone for emergencies.

So next time you go travelling, why not emulate the backpackers of days gone by who managed perfectly fine without all these modern day comforts.


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