Why You Should Consider a Serviced Apartment

At the moment, serviced apartments are on an upward trend, but they have been around for a lot longer than many people would think. Officially, “serviced apartment” tends to mean a type of fully-furnished and ready to move into apartment which is available to let on both longer and shorter-term stays.

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The service provider will take care of things such as housekeeping, communal amenities and other services. Additionally, it is quite common for serviced apartments to come with all bills included in the rental price. Serviced apartments offer hotel-like facilities with the added convenience, privacy and space of it being a home.

Serviced apartments are very common in larger cities such as Liverpool, and you can see some examples at https://dreamapartments.co.uk/serviced-apartments-liverpool/.

#1: What to Expect from a Serviced Apartment

Many people are unfamiliar with what serviced apartments are, and as a term it has rarely been used out of the corporate world until now. People are often hesitant to book serviced apartments as they don’t know what to expect and aren’t sure how it all works.

With a serviced apartment, however, you can generally expect a fully furnished apartment with a fully equipped kitchen, one or more bedrooms which are fully furnished and stocked with amenities such as bedding, pillows and linen, a bathroom, living area, television, Wi-Fi and all utilities included in the rent. Many serviced apartment providers will also offer a housekeeping service.

#2: What Are My Obligations in a Serviced Apartment?

You don’t have any obligations aside from keeping the place clean, tidy and to the standard you found it when you moved there. Whether you are staying at a serviced apartment for one week or one year, your obligations remain the same and most things are taken care of by the provider.

Whilst you don’t get the same flexibility as a fully private rental, a serviced apartment can provide you with lots of flexibility and convenience, especially if you are moving around a lot and know that you won’t be living in a city permanently.

#3: What is a Serviced Apartments Provider?

The serviced apartments provider is the company responsible for managing everything, from bookings to check ins and check outs to arranging repairs. They aren’t the landlord; however, they act on behalf of a landlord to provide management services. In a way, though, many tenants of serviced apartments view the providers as “landlords” as they carry out all the functions.

When you stay at a serviced apartment you will likely be provided with a 24/7 concierge and security service, too. The people managing these will be employees of the provider.

If you know that you are going to be visiting or living in a city for a short while and need somewhere flexible to stay, serviced apartments provide a convenient home away from home which is fully furnished and much more private and better-equipped than a traditional hotel room, coming with separate living space and a fully-equipped kitchen.

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