What States in America are like Europe?


Europe’s influence can be found all around the world, from its discoveries and technology to its food and cultural details, and this is particularly evident in the Unites States. If you have exhausted every travel destination on your bucket list when it comes to Europe and are looking for a fab new holiday destination that allows you to feel like you’re at home away from home, why not head to America? The following cities are dubbed as being smaller versions of popular European destinations and will mean you will get the very best of both worlds (a taste of Europe and the USA) on your next adventure. And be sure to get all your paperwork in order prior to heading to the airport and apply for your ESTA visa here: https://www.esta-visa.org.uk/.

Kansas City, Missouri

If you’re torn between going to Spain or America on your holidays, going to Kansas City in Missouri will allow you to have the best of both worlds. The architecture here is surprisingly similar to that seen in Seville and comes with typically Spanish courtyards and towers. There is just as much to do here as there would in Seville when it comes to bars and restaurants and great shopping too.

Pella, Iowa

If you love the Netherlands, you will love Pella in Iowa. Here, you will find that the streets are lined with Dutch inspired architecture and find the Vermeer windmill (the largest building of its kind in the US) located by Central Park. In May you can even witness the streets of Pella being lined with tulips and other traditional Dutch fare during the Tulip Time Festival.

Lindsborg, Kansas

For a taste of Sweden in America you absolutely must pay Lindsborg a visit where you can find everything from a Swedish Pavilion to wild horses roaming the main streets. Visiting in the autumn is sure to get you feeling even more authentically Swedish as you can attend the Svensk Hyllningsfest, a festival that celebrates all things Swedish, from food to costumes and dancing.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

If you’re looking for a little taste of the Mediterranean then head down to Tarpon Springs in Florida. This town was populated with Greek immigrants at the start of the 20th century and now has the highest numbers of Greek-Americans in the country. The town is a great place to get some authentic Greek food and has an abundance of sunshine that means you can really imagine you are on the other side of the world on a Greek island!

Leavenworth, Washington

A little outside of Seattle you will find the cute little town of Leavenworth, nestle among the mountains in Washington. The town is modelled after a Bavarian village so you are sure to feel authentically engulfed in German culture and history, particularly as it gets colder in Autumn and winter months. Be sure to pay the Gingerbread Factory and Nutcracker Museum to add that extra festive touch to your vacation!

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