Top 5 Foods to Try in Hoi An


Vietnam’s delectable cuisine has been drawing foodie tourists to its shores for a while now. You’ll find that the country’s cuisine varies depending on the region that you are in, and nowhere is this more apparent than in tourist favourite, Hoi An. Now, some of you may opt to learn to cook the dishes yourself, but for those who think that sounds far too much like hard work, head for a restaurant and try these Hoi An favourites…

1 – WHITE ROSE (as a starter!)

In Hoi An you’ll find that all meals commence with this delicate starter that’s just perfect for whetting your appetite. The small plate consists of tasty steamed shrimp dumplings. The perfect thing about them is that they leave plenty of room for the main course!


Named after the Quang Nam Province in which Hoi An is located, this traditional white or yellow noodle soup dish is Hoi An’s version of Vietnamese favourite, pho. Expect your tasty soup to come chock full of pork, shrimp, vegetables, and to be topped off with grilled rice paper.

If you only try one of our recommendations, make it cao lau. This dish, consisting of noodles, pork and local vegetables, is only found in Hoi An, so don’t miss your chance!Although the dish is considered a symbol of Hoi An by the people of the Quang Nam Province, it bares little resemblance to the large majority of other Vietnamese dishes. In fact, it is more similar to dishes that you might find in Japan or China.


If you fancy a little foodie adventure, head out of town across the Cam Nam Bridge and turn left. Here, only a short distance from Hoi An’s charming Old Quarter, you’ll find Cam Nam Village. This is an area where you can sample dishes less likely to be found on every menu in town. Try banh dap (rice crackers) and he tron (minced clams).

5 – COM GA

Just as you’ll find pho on every corner in Ho Chi Minh, in Hoi An, you’ll be hard pressed to avoid com ga. This simple, yet tasty, dish consists of seasoned rice and chicken, served with green vegetables, onions and mint leaves.

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 Photo Credit: Christine Chauvin

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