The World at Your Fingertips

There are many ways to see the world – you can choose to cruise, you can fly, you can backpack, you can trek, it’s a totally personal deal and something which has to be decided according to how long you want to go for, where you want to go, and how involved in the place you want to get.

One particular way of seeing a region, giving you total and utter freedom, is by taking one of the many motorcycle tours on offer. This is a serious wind in your hair, freedom trip, and a way to really appreciate the passing landscapes in the best possible way.

There are many of these types of tours on offer, across various different regions. From India to Nepal, Sri Lanka, to making motorcycle tours in Mongolia, you can really get to experience the place you’re visiting, rather than just pass through it or see it.

The beauty of these tours is also that they are planned out by an experienced guide, so you know that you’re going to see the best of the landscapes and country, in the easiest possible way. When you plan your own road trip of any kind, it’s hard to figure out the best route, taking you to all the top attractions, without ending up on a road that either takes you nowhere, or takes you the longest way around. The fact that the hard work is done for you is a major plus point, and allows you to really forget your cares, allow that wind in your hair to ruffle your interest, and enjoy the experience for everything it is supposed to be.

This is all of course done on the back of a motorcycle, as the name would suggest, but not any old motorcycle, no, no! Vintage Tours, as their name would also suggest, offers tours on the back of a vintage motorcycle, which adds to the experience in a big, big way.

You don’t necessarily need a huge amount of experience in driving a motorcycle to enjoy this type of tour, you simply need to know basic road rules and how to drive; after that, you will learn pretty quickly. It’s quite likely from there that you will suddenly develop a rather large liking for the freedom that motorcycle driving can bring, and when you pair it together with seeing a cultural, vibrant, and downright beautiful part of the world, everything gets ten times more advantageous!

These types of destinations are really about the Great Outdoors as much as they are about the culture, so seeing them in this way is a real bonus, as well as being so close you can reach out and touch.

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