The Subaru Forester: Ideal Car for an Aussie Road Trip  


A road trip is a journey that requires planning and reliability, especially when it comes to the car you choose to embark on it with. It’s no good picking a car that looks pretty but doesn’t go the distance, so it’s important to check out all options well ahead of time, and test drive before you make your decision. Whether you rent or buy your vehicle to spend your road trip time in, there are some cars that are constantly popular for this kind of journey and one of them is the good old Subaru Forester.

Yes it makes a noise sometimes, and yes it’s quite bulky looking, but bulky is good when you’re trying to get through difficult terrain, and its reliability is what stands it apart from other cars you might have on your short-list for your road trip journey.

This popular vehicle comes in many different shapes, sizes, and of course a selection of colours, and whilst you might not be thinking too much about its appearance at this point in time, you have to admit it sure does pack a punch. The latest model incorporates the famous Boxter engine, designed to create more power and less noise. Reliability however should be at the top of your list, and the Subaru Forester is certainly no namby-pamby car; taking you through rough terrain, some off road areas (depending on just how off road it is, of course) – the Subaru will serve you well.

If you look on websites and in magazines at cars for sale you will almost always find a Subaru or two, and that’s not because people want to get rid of them, that’s because they’re so popular, and of course as one car gets old, people want to replace it with a newer model; that out with the old and in with the new mind-set is great for you when you’re looking for your ideal road trip car, because you will probably be able to pick up a reliable Subaru for a good price, meaning your road trip will benefit all the more in monetary terms too.

Okay, so we’ve covered the fact it’s a reliable car, a popular choice, and one you will find quite easily on the market, but a Forester also has quite a lot of space inside the car itself, and in the back, which when you’re heading off on a road trip is quite important. Working on difficult terrain we’ve covered, and if you’ve research much into where your road trip is going to take you, then you will appreciate how important this factor is.

So, when you’re looking for your ideal Australian road trip car companion, look no further than a sporty Subaru to accompany you on your epic journey.

Photo Credit: M 93: „Dein Nordrhein-West

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