The Perfect Package


Few cities in the world offer you a perfect blend of old and new, countryside and city life, all wrapped up in a vibrant, happy, and laid-back package. If you are tired of the usual city destinations in Australia, perhaps you’ve done them a few times before, how about trying a city that is often overshadowed by some of the other big hitters?

Perth is a fantastic place to visit no matter what time of year, and with the idyllic waters of the Indian Ocean shortly to its west, and the Darling Scarp to its east, Perth offers city and nature combined.

Getting around this city is quite easy too, because it is quite compact, but if you want to arrive in style, how about hiring a limo to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel, or vice versa? This is cheaper than you might think, and will definitely start/end your break in style!

Finding the best accommodation to suit your needs isn’t difficult either, with a large range of hotels and guest houses on offer. Go centrally to give you an easier time, so you don’t need to travel in and out of the city quite so often; you will find something to suit every budget.

Rottnest Island is only a stone’s throw away from Perth city itself, and this is the ideal idyllic break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life; be sure to check out the simply stunning sunsets whilst you’re there – this is one place you will certainly need an empty camera memory card for!

Perth might be a laid-back city, but it definitely offers a vibrant source of entertainment too, with great nightlife to enjoy no matter what day you arrive. From bars, restaurants, clubs, and cafes, there is a pace of entertainment for everyone, as well as being a very family-friendly city too.

If you have done Sydney a few times, you’ve seen Melbourne, and Brisbane has also been visited more than once, perhaps its times you spread your net a little wider. Australia is packed with cities and large towns that you might overlook if you don’t concentrate on the entire map – for instance, how about Darwin, Alice Springs, Canberra (who could forget the capital!), as well as Perth; these cities are fantastic in their own right.

So, if you’re wanting the ideal blend of nature and city life, laid-back chilling and vibrant nightlife, it has to be Perth.

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