The Best Way to Experience the Wonder of Bangkok


Anyone who knows anything about travel in the slightest will be aware that Thailand is a hotspot on the travel road. From backpacking trails to make your eyes open in wonder, to beach breaks to give you the ultimate in rest and relaxation, Thailand is one of those destinations which ticks the ‘something for everyone’ box, as clichéd as it sounds.

Aside from the Full Moon parties and idyllic beach retreats, Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, is a very well-trodden path, and one which should certainly be explored as part of any Thai adventure.

Because of the sheer sprawling size of Bangkok, and also because of the many cultural differences and intoxicating traditions, one of the best ways to experience this city is through the eyes of a local.

Things to do in Bangkok offers tours and events with local people, to help travellers understand more about the place they’re visiting, and in terms of Bangkok, truly understanding and appreciating the sights you will see is the best place to start.

For instance, if you visit The Grand Palace, will you really know what it is about? Will you understand the importance of the Emerald Buddha? Will you be able to close your eyes and listen to the past whispering within the ornate walls?

Probably not. But if you visit with a local, someone who can explain to you what you are seeing, and help you appreciate the sights before you, you’re sure to get so much more out of the experience.

On top of this, we have Thai cuisine. Known the world over for its delicate flavours, Thai food is something special, for sure, and tasting it homemade in a traditional family home is something truly mouth-watering. If this doesn’t sound like something you would be comfortable with, why not take a walking food tour with a local guide? This means you can appreciate the flavours and tastes, and find out more about what you’re eating.

Can you see what we’re getting at here? Visiting Bangkok with a local means you are actually experiencing it, rather than simply seeing it.

The busy nature of Bangkok’s city streets can be a little overpowering for first time visitors, and this means you may shy away from really throwing yourself into the daily life that is found on every centimetre of the city’s pavements. From the huge ornate shrines, the vibrant markets, the backpacking hotspots, the stunning Chao Phraya River, the Rattanakosin Royal District, and the surrounding natural wonders, Bangkok is a city that you should experience to the max, and quite simply the best way to do this is by experiencing it all through the eyes of a local.

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