The Best Cycling Holidays in Europe


Europe is home to some of the best cycling destinations in the world. Depending on the type of cycling you enjoy, from tough steep climbs to adventurous mountain biking or dodging your way through busy city streets, there are so different places in Europe that you must visit with your bicycle today.


For those who want to combine their love of cycling with a city break Amsterdam is the place to do it. The flat landscape makes it perfect for cycling around and it’s one of the only cities in Europe where bikes outnumber cars significantly. The number of bike paths and different routes is vast and cycling makes getting around much easier and quicker than taking public transport, plus there are plenty of bike racks everywhere where you can leave the bikes whilst you nip inside for a quick coffee.


For winter cycling breaks in Europe, the Canary Islands are the first choice for many. The warm climate means that you’ll be guaranteed fine weather and with the rugged volcanic coastline you’ll benefit from the spectacular views and smooth surfaced roads. Lanzarote is a great choice for cyclists of all abilities as there are some challenging routes with steep climbs plus shorter flatter journeys for beginners and due to its popularity, the opportunity to ride with cycling groups if you’d prefer.


The mountains of Southern Valencia are littered with an abundance of criss-crossed cycling tracks that are a dream for those who love mountain biking. The rocky routes are challenging but the beautiful views certainly distract from the energy it takes to complete some of the steeper inclines. It’s often a good idea to head to Valencia in the early summer months around May time as the summer sunshine can get really hot and be too warm for going on more strenuous rides.

Taking your own bikes away can be better than hiring bikes overseas as you’re not always guaranteed a bike of the right size or one that’s built to the standard of your own. However, if you’d rather not take your own bikes, resorts famous for cycling like the above have plenty of different places where you can hire bikes for a week or two for a reasonable price. Europe is home to some of the best cycling in the world so why not book a trip away this summer and experience it for yourself.

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