Not Just About Nightlife – Welcome to Ibiza


There may be a false assumption doing the rounds about Ibiza, also known as the White Isle. Many people believe that this beautiful Balearic Island is just about nightlife, superstar DJs, and super-clubs. Whilst we can’t deny that there are parts of the island which are solely dedicated to night-time party fun, there are countless other parts which are idyllic, laid-back, and utterly stunning.

Families, couples, groups, singles, and everything in-between – you will find something to suit your needs on this relaxing and picturesque island.

Finding a great deal on an Ibiza holiday isn’t difficult during peak season, as you only have to head online to find bargains. Finding a destination within the island is also easy, and where you go totally depends on what you want out of your holiday.

We will deal with partying first, because this is obviously what everyone knows Ibiza for. If you want to enjoy those huge super-clubs, head to San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa. This is where you will be able to party all night and sleep all day, although do try and see a little daylight and enjoy the beautiful beaches too! The famous party bus takes you from club to club, and you will probably need to save up a small fortune to enjoy every single night in a huge club with a superstar DJ spinning the decks.

Now, if you want to enjoy something in-between, i.e. lively but also laid back, then Santa Eulalia is a great choice. This is popular amongst families too, because there is nightlife for everyone, as well as having a chilled out feel about the resort at the same time.

If you want totally laid back then you should be heading north, to Puerto San Miguel or Portinatx. This is where you will find authentic life, and stunningly beautiful scenery. Of course, wherever you go on the island, the sunsets and beaches are enough to blow your mind, so certainly free up some memory space for a few photographs!

Ibiza Town is easily accessible from all resorts, and this is the famous capital of the island. The Old Quarter is fantastic for learning about the island’s history, with architecture and culture at every turn. The fortress overlooks the capital, and this region is also on the UNESCO World Heritage list, which should tell you something about its importance. Of course, you can also do a little of the modern here, with shopping, gastronomy, and cocktails to be found.

Don’t fall into the false assumption that Ibiza is nothing more than a destination to party all night and relax all day; there are many walking trails, areas of importance, cycling areas, and stunning beaches to enjoy on this wonderful Balearic Island, whether you want to party and let your hair down or not.

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