Life in a Backpack: Travel Essentials


Think about your last vacation. You may have had to sit on your suitcase just to get the zipper closed—and that was just for a few days of travel! Imagine if you can pack everything in one backpack for everything you will need for a few months. Amazing, ain’t it?

Backpack travelling can be a challenge, not just because of the money constraint, but also because it is not easy to get around your head everything you need to take with you. If you’ve been backpack travelling for a while, you know that “over packing” is a dreadful idea.

Given than we are all different and that each individual has varying needs, it is not easy to put together a list of items that will suit everyone. However, approximately 95% of travellers have similar needs and are headed to the same locations with roughly the same things to do.

Essential Clothing

When we said essential, we mean it. We mean taking as few as possible with decent quality so that they suit as many occasions and purposes as possible. Bring a few quality clothing that are durable, functional, and comfortable.

Specifically, bring no more than two T-shirts, two pieces of trousers, a lightweight jacket, (or a thicker, jacket with a full waterproof shell and a hood if travelling to a place with very cold climate), a wrap around, a swimwear a few pieces of underwear. The shirts should be made of polyster/cotton or something similar that can suck sweat from the body. Bring at least one polo shirt with long sleeves (that can be rolled up or fastened).

The bottom line is that you must bring clothes that are appropriate and comfortable. If they are practical and lightweight, the better!


Bring a light pair of running shoes and flip flops. Ideally, the best place to put your shoes is on your foot, so that you can just place your pair of flip flops in your backpack and still have room for another pair of shoes if necessary. Place them on top of the other, compressed together, facing front to back.

First Aid and Cosmetics

Keep your medical kit as small as possible, placing just what you may need for emergencies in case you cannot get to a pharmacyimmediately. Bring a lip balm, cold/flu meds, oral rehydration salts, diarrhea blocker, some pain relievers, clonea cream or anti-fungal cream, laxatives, hang over remedy, motion sickness pills, anti-parasitic, anti-histamine tablets, syringes, and needles.

For your wash kit, you will need some toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair gel (if necessary), shaving cream, antiperspirant, a toothbrush, a nail clipper, and a razor. These are all available in travel friendly sizes to make more room for other things in your backpack.

Other necessary items (especially for women) are tampons, wet wipes, sanitary towel, sunblock and contraceptive pills.

All Things Electronic

You may need some space for your mobile phone, camera, LED/Torch flashlight, a portable computer, a calculator, and a music player. All these gadgets come with a charger or power adapter so you better leave some space for that, too.

Now you are set to go on backpacking adventure around the world!

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