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You might be starting to pay a little thought to where you’re going to go on your upcoming summer holiday. The fact that the New Year has begun tends to cast our minds towards sunshine and enjoyment, as we struggle to get through the first dark months of the year. You have plenty of choices in front of you, but perhaps you feel like doing something different.

Have you considered a cruise?

There are many advantages to going for a cruise break, rather than a land-based trip, such as the chance to see several places all within the space of one break, and the fact that most cruises include your food in the price of the package, without the need to budget. Most cruise liners are also like floating holiday resorts in their own right, which means any sea days you have on your itinerary will not be at all boring, and will probably be more action packed than your land excursion days!

The top cruise destinations currently include the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Norwegian Fjords, and the Canary Islands. If you want to push your trip to a more once in a lifetime kind of vibe, how about a trip to the frozen lands of the Antarctic? This is totally possible, although does come at a higher price. Basically, the itinerary you choose should call out to your particular interests, whilst also giving you a varied and fun holiday too. Be sure to shop around because there are countless different itineraries on offer, and many different cruise companies too – you have a lot of choice to peruse, that’s for sure!

There’s no denying that two of the most popular types of cruise are the Caribbean and Mediterranean variety. A Caribbean cruise can easily be combined with a few days or even a week in Florida, perhaps Orlando or Miami, with Fort Lauderdale being another popular choice. This type of cruise is popular all year around but during the winter season in the northern hemisphere, between November and March, these types of cruises are mega popular. During the summer season however, between May and October, Mediterranean cruises are certainly high in popularity, with several different countries all on the visit list, including Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Croatia, and the Canary Islands – the chance to see several places during one holiday is not something you should be missing!

As you can see, a cruise holiday could certainly give you a totally different kind of break, and one which may just become a little addictive!

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