How to Travel Without Cash

Untitled1It’s much documented that the different ways you can spend bitcoin has grown exponentially over recent years. For example, it’s quick and easy to reward your favourite bloggers, or to enjoy a drink, pay for a cab or even buy yourself a new laptop without the need for any “normal”, or what is more accurately known as “fiat”, currency.

But how about travel? Is it possible, today, to take a holiday or travel for a long time without covering at least some of your basic needs in pounds, dollars, euros, bahts, rupees, pesos, or whatever else is needed?

Well the short answer is a resounding “yes”, but not only is it possible, it’s also highly desirable for a number of reasons from a traveller’s perspective. What’s more, it’s getting steadily better through ever more widespread acceptance.

It’s true that bitcoin travel pioneers had to go without in a few places they visited around the globe, but those days are rapidly growing to an end. Gradually, there is a growing understanding that the currency is equal to others and a growing acceptance of its use in all types of goods and service industries.

So, for example, here is a bitcoin casino which allows you to make bitcoin deposits and withdrawals in just a few moments, from the site’s cashier. The bitcoin casino games are also tested by the organisation that ensures fair play, called Gaming Labs, just like other reputable casinos which deal is fiat currencies.

And the bitcoin casino is a perfect exemplar of the overall advantages of travelling with bitcoin – which are all about, usability wherever you are, security and flexibility. In days gone by, travellers’ cheques and credit cards offered greater security and flexibility than old-fashioned cash, but were still very steal-able and had their financial and geographical limits. With bitcoin, there are no such concerns. Of course, and barring online fraud, your cash – or should we say “bitcoin value” – is safe.

Put this together with the growing global recognition of the benefits of bitcoin and of its acceptance and the possibilities for travel are growing like Topsy. For example, you can now use bitcoin to pay for things like airline tickets, hotels and other accommodations, entertainment, grocery shopping, restaurants and local transportation to give you just a few examples.

Some train journeys can now be paid for with bitcoin

Train” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by  rachel_pics 

Sticking with actual travel arrangements, for the moment; there are various examples of companies which take bitcoin for payment including BTCTrip if you’re going to South America, or aBitSky for in Asia, Europe and Africa – or CheapAir if you’re on the move in North America. The latter company also has Amtrak tickets for travelling in America, whilst “Gift Off” enables you to change bitcoin into UK National Rail vouchers in Great Britain.

Other countries have similar arrangements, so it’s worth checking out the country choices for inter-city travel and more local arrangements on sites like useBitcoins, Airbitz, and other local info bitcoin directories.

Of course, pretty soon, you may not even need to do all this as bitcoin seems to be gaining an ever stronger global foothold – though in today’s rapidly-changing world, anything seems possible.

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