Head to the Philippines for Summer, Surf, and Savory Eats!


If you need someone to convince you that visiting the Philippines is necessary for your life, you probably haven’t done a lot of traveling. If you like being warm, experiencing sunshine, eating food that is yummy, hanging around with people who are happy, and variously enjoying yourself more than you ever thought possible, the Philippines is the place for you. You may not need to read any further. But if you do, you’ll find some specific attractions that make the Philippines a real piece of paradise, the envy of any other place in the world.

  • IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Like many islands and island families, the Philippine Islands manage to cram a lot of different natural wonders into a small geographical area. We’re talking mountains, lakes, volcanos (!), the ocean, another ocean, beaches, streams, forests, cliffs, and more. The sun brings out the green in the jungles and the blue of the clean, clear water, as well as a little extra color in your skin. Clean air and good vibes, you really won’t find another place on earth that’s much more beautiful than the Philippines.
  • THE FOOD! THE FOOD! Like many island nations, the Philippines has experienced a lot in the way of colonization and trade influence. Now an independent nation, the Philippines still bear a lot of the imprints of foreign cultures that variously claimed its shores. You’ll see pasta in some of these dishes, which otherwise seem like they’ve been islander food for generations. You’ll also see a lot of beautiful fresh seafood, probably pulled squirming from the ocean earlier that day. Fresh and nutritious, you’ll eat well in the Philippines, and for a lot less money than you are used to spending back home.
  • YOU’LL FEEL RIGHT AT HOME IN THE WAYS THAT MATTER! Need access to internet or to be able to call your Mom back home? No problem. The Philippines may be small, compared to other countries in the world, but that doesn’t mean they’re not connected. The NobelApp can have you in touch with anyone anywhere during your stay in the Philippines. You’ll also enjoy public transportation that may be better than what you have back home, a great state museum system, public services that outpace many other nations recently called “developing”, and other comforts of the modern world that you hold oh so dear, like WiFi.
  • WILDLIFE! This may have been implied in the first point, but if you go scuba diving, you’ll see so many fish and turtles and things. Elsewhere, the trees and forests and lakes and lagoons have all sorts of other critters for your delight.

The Philippines are amazing. Until you’ve been there yourself you can’t comprehend the color and delight that awaits you there. There’s plenty of culture, friendliness, flavor, and enjoyment to go around. While it’s popular with tourists, there are plenty of places in this island chain which are not spoiled by crowds of visitors. Find your optimum visitations spot and understand why the Philippines are truly special. You will not regret it on any level.

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