An Epic Adventure


What is the first image in your mind when you think of Thailand?

Is it the vibrant, neon-lit nightlife found on the touristic islands, such as Phuket and Koh Samui, or is it the cultural side of the country, such as the temples, the traditions, and of course, the food? There is so much that comes to mind when you think about this South-East Asian delight, and despite its popularity amongst those who seek out a party-mad destination, the mystical side of the country is still very prevalent, and should certainly be explored.

One of the best ways to see a country is by road, and perhaps even better to do it on two wheels.

Motorcycle tours are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want to truly see and experience a country’s true heartbeat, and Vintage Rides are a company who are expert at putting together itineraries and tours for every ability of rider.

You don’t need to be the most experienced motorcycle rider in the world, although most tours require at least an intermediate level of experience, to get the most out of the tour safely. Thailand motorcycle tours take you through some of the country’s most stunning landscapes, whilst also giving you the time to take in what you are seeing, and experience the heart of the country.

The Golden Triangle Mountains Tour is one of the most popular on the program overall, and whilst it takes around 7 days to complete, with 5 of those days on the bike, you will pass by some of the most iconic sights in the country overall. On top of this, the On the Edge of Siam Kingdom tour is another bestseller, and whilst this one only requires you to be of intermediate ability, it does take 12 days, with 11 of those riding days – epic indeed!

Thailand is not just about raucous nightlife and Full Moon Parties, it’s about culture, history, traditions, gastronomy, temples, wildlife, landscapes, and every day authentic life which makes this country one of the most richly rewarded experiences you are likely to have during your travel lifetime. Taking the time to venture away from the main touristic areas will show you the real heartbeat of Thailand, whilst allowing you to really recognise and appreciate the country for what it truly is; it isn’t about neon lights and buckets of vodka, it isn’t about partying on the beach under a full moon, and it’s not even about lying on a beach for hours on end, it’s about culture, religion, experiences, wildlife, and everything else that makes Thailand truly unique.

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