Airport Fun


The airport might be a means to an end when you really break it down, but there’s no reason why you can’t at least try and enjoy it, it’s a part of your holiday after all!

If you’re one of those people, like me, who finds running around trying to tick everything off your holiday checklist a bit of a stress, then deciding to start your holiday the moment you leave the house is the best way forward to enjoying your travel day. Don’t extend your stress into your holiday, leave it at home!

Here’s a few ways I always find help me enjoy my airport experience.

Airport hotels

You can often get a great deal on parking and hotel bundles, which really go a long way to making your travel day easier on the stress levels, whilst adding a huge amount of comfort and convenience at the same time. I love the freedom and luxury of spending a night at the airport, because it means I’m right where I need to be, without having to stress about potential delays. I can also make sure I’m rested prior to my travel day. You’ll find a range of hotels at most large UK airports, including north of the border, with Edinburgh Airport hotels offered at equally great rates.

Set yourself a budget

I love duty free, although my purse certainly doesn’t love it as much as me! You don’t have to stop yourself being able to enjoy the glittering halls that present themselves once you pass through security, but giving yourself a budget means you can shop guilt-free, treating yourself if you see something you like.

Have a sit down meal

Avoid the fast food eateries and instead go to a nice sit down restaurant. You will find at least one in each major airport, and this means you’re making a big deal of your travel day, rather than filling up on unhealthy snacks which will leave you hungry ten minutes later. Throw in a couple of glasses of wine or a beer and you’re seriously in holiday mood – just remember not to overdo it!


You can easily get stressed out or fed up of waiting when you’re at the airport but the key thing to remember is where you’re going to be in a few hours’ time. Remember your end destination and look forward to all the fun things you’re going to get up to, and you’ll find that the waiting really does pass much quicker.

By Paul Hamilton

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