Advice for First-Time Cruisers From Royal Holiday Vacation Club in Mexico

For many travelers, the idea of going on a cruise presents an exciting opportunity for adventure. Others have a lot more questions when it comes to the whole experience. For instance: How long do we dock for? How will I know if I’ll have time to see everything I want to see? Why should I choose a cruise over a traditional vacation? For those who are curious about cruises, or have just signed up for their first onboard experience, we have a few tips that will help optimize your experience with Royal Holiday and its many exciting cruise opportunities and a Youtube Tutorial to help users to get started.

Let Go of Expectations

Whether you’re about to explore the beauty of Havana and the Western Caribbean, taking a journey through arctic waters on an Alaskan cruise, or experiencing Royal Holiday’s Fjords of Tierra del Fuego adventure, the crucial thing to remember is that nothing will be what you expect. In fact, it’s going to end up being a lot better. Whatever preconceived notions about cruises or boat travel you’re bringing to the experience, feel free to let them go. It’s not important to imagine what the experience will be like. All you have to do is be present, and you’ll already be getting the most out of all your vacation has to offer.

Open Your Mind

One of the main benefits of a cruise, as opposed to a traditional vacation, is that vacationers get to travel to a variety of different locations without the added stress of making travel plans, which can be exhausting and messy. Why settle for one destination when you can experience the best of all of them? Royal Holiday’s cruise lines leave nothing to chance. When you sign up for one of our cruises, you’re allowing Royal Holiday to present you with the opportunity to pick and choose from different experiences, from onboard activities, dining, and spa treatments, to offshore guided tours and sightseeing. Whatever you do, don’t spend your time saying ‘no.’ When Royal Holiday brings the beauty and delight of a city to you, always answer the call.

Pack for Every Climate

Life onboard can be unpredictable, in the best way possible. One day, you’re sunning yourself on the shores of the East Caribbean. The next, you’re dipping down to the coast and feeling a pleasant, bracing chill. Whatever you do, be sure to pack for a broad spectrum of climates. A Royal Holiday cruise shows you the best of all worlds, taking you from blazing, sunny beaches to ghostly and beautiful arctic locales. Being prepared is half the fun.

Go Where the Experience Takes You

Sometimes, even when you’re on vacation, it can be hard to take a chance. That’s why we encourage Royal Holiday cruise travelers to embrace the experience as much as they can, especially when it means engaging with new experiences and getting creative when it comes to onboard and offshore options. We want you to have the best time possible, and to do that, it always helps if you start the experience with a readiness to be dazzled, enchanted, and most of all, to have fun.


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