A Different Version of Paradise


If you’ve visited the Caribbean, you’ve ventured into South America, and you’ve done North America a few times too, then you’ll no doubt be looking for somewhere that is totally different, yet probably quite idyllic at the same time.

Central America is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination, and when you look at the unspoilt landscapes, beaches, and nature on offer, it’s no surprise. Of course, you have a huge serving of culture and tradition to throw in there too, which certainly adds to its appeal. One of the more commonly visited of the Central American countries, and therefore making it a little safer in terms of your peace of mind, is beautiful Costa Rica.

The name itself sounds like paradise, and that’s quite apt, as the best Costa Rica beaches could certainly rival those in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean regions!

If you need a little persuasion, let’s take a look at five of Costa Rica’s most beautiful beaches.

Jaco Beach

This is perhaps the most touristic part of the country, and therefore has the most tourist facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and lively nightlife. You can also enjoy lots of watersports and activities here, such as bike riding, safaris and white water rafting, to name just a few. This relatively narrow 2.5 mile stretch of coastline is great for surfing and basically kicking back and relaxing, and is within very easy reach of San Jose, at just a two hours’ drive away. The palm tree sway gently overhead, and the nearby national parks give you a break from the sand, if you need one, that is!

Santa Teresa Beach

If you love surfing then you will kick yourself forever if you don’t venture to Santa Teresa Beach. No matter what the month you will find fantastic waves to enjoy, and it also has that iconic laid-back, surfer vibe, which means nightlife is leisurely and fun, there aren’t many rules, and you can basically relax in total paradise. Malpais is a nearby town which is a definite must visit from here, and you will find accommodation options on offer. The surrounding landscape of rocks, beach, and jungle is classically Central American, and the beach itself is enough to have you thinking you’re in the Caribbean!

Conchal Beach

Think about how the name of this beach sounds – yes, it is made of millions of shells! The white sand/shell and brilliant blue sea makes this a classically beautiful beach to chill out on, and it is also one of the best places along the coastline for diving and snorkelling, with a large range of different marine-life to explore. The waters around here are calm and peaceful, which makes it a good choice for families, and you can even head out and do a spot of bird-watching if you want to stay on dry land for a while. Guanacaste, which is where this beach is located, is full of accommodation and tourist facilities too, so no problems on that score.

Tamarindo Beach

This is another quite well-developed area, which means plenty of nightlife and accommodation. The wide, sweeping beaches mean it is never really crowded, and there are many activities on offer, such as fishing, swimming, diving, snorkelling, and even beach horse-riding. If you head towards the northern part of the beach you will find Marino Las Baulas National Park, where there is plenty of wildlife spotting to be done, as well as lots of surfing opportunities at nearby Playa Grande Beach too.

Samara Beach

Have we left the best until last? Arguably, yes. If you picture paradise, this is the beach which will probably appear in your mind. Think white sand and blinding blue sea and you’re not far wrong. Extending for around 3 miles, this is a calm and tranquil area, located on the Nicoya Peninsula, and is thought to be one of the safest in the country, making it great for families. You can snorkel and fish here, and again, wildlife spotting is great, such as many species of birds. There are large palm trees which create natural shade, and a wider stretch of sand, so you are never going to be over-crowded. Simply beautiful.

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