6 Festivals in Quebec City that will Make You Want to Book a Ticket

The province of Quebec, and specifically Quebec City are known for their festivals and events. There are over 900 annually throughout the province, and dozens of those are in Quebec City itself.

There are both winter and summer festivals and getting there is easy. A quick search on a site like Expedia will enable you to find the best and cheapest Quebec City flights, and there are a variety of hotels you can book for your stay as well. While there are countless festivals annually, here are six that will make you want to book your ticket well in advance.

Marché De Noël Allemand De Québec (German Christmas Market)

This festival occurs during the four weeks of advent, so it makes for a great Christmas getaway. The market, which has been going on for the last decade, small wooden huts line the area where vendors hock their wares, a variety of German Holiday treats and Quebec-made crafts and gifts.

Bring the kids along, because there are things for them to do as well. For less crowded times, shop during the day. For a more festive party and joyous atmosphere, come back at night and witness the lights and decorations. The market is moving to a new locationfor 2018, so be sure to check the web for specifics.

Hôtel de Glace

Hôtel de Glace, or the Ice Hotel is Canada’s premier ice hotel. Located at Village Vacances Valcartier, the hotel is made from ice and snow using large molds. Open from January to March, this is another attraction you can see on a flexible schedule.

During the day, the general public can explore the hotel’s rooms and chapels, but at 8:00 pm, the hotel is turned over to its hearty guests. Some will make it through the night, others will end up in a warm bed in the regular hotel. Still, the hotel is breathtaking and an amazing experience not to be missed.

Carnaval de Québec

Carnaval de Québec will be celebrating its 52nd year in 2018 and is the most popular winter carnival in Canada. The Carnival includes sled dog races, ice canoe races, and ice sculptures carved by artists from around the world.

The carnival does take place mostly at night, and mostly outdoors, so pack your winter boots, ski hat, and a really warm jacket. The dancing and events of the evening will warm your spirit, but you will still need your winter clothing to stay comfortable. This is must do carnival, but nearby lodging goes fast, so plan ahead.

Neige en Fête

Think of this festival, an hour or so outside of Quebec City, as a classic car show, only for snowmobiles. Since the snowmobile was invented in Quebec, this is the ideal place for it. The festival takes place in February each year. You can either find lodging in Quebec City and travel daily or try to book a room early in the Hôtel Roquemont.

Consider combining your stay with other events in Quebec City as well but be sure to schedule time for all of the events including bonfires, rides, and races.

Le Festival d’été de Québec

Le Festival d’été de Québec, or the Quebec City Summer Fest, is a music festival that takes over the city. Over a million people attend annually, and international movie stars are set to play. The 2018 lineup includes Foo Fighters, Neil Young, Lorde, Beck, The Weeknd, Future, Dave Matthews Band, Avenged Sevenfold, Busta Rhymes, and Cyndi Lauper.

Not only is the festival attractive because of the acts who are playing, but for the low cost. Tickets are available at $100 CA through June 4th. That is just $79 United States dollars, but you will want to look at lodging as well. It is not super expensive, but with 1 million attendees, hotels fill quickly.

The Quebec City Film Festival

This annual film festival takes place every year in September. There are both short and feature films shown, and internationally known judges are a part of the competition. Featuring both local talent and talent from around the world, the deadline for entries this year is May 15th.

However, you still have time to book your flights and stay. The Quebec City Film Festival will run from September 12-22 this year, and you can get more information on their website. Just don’t wait too long, and don’t miss this amazing event and lineup.

While there are countless more festivals for you to explore in the province of Quebec, especially those held in Montreal and the surrounding area, these are the ones you can attend in and around Quebec City every year. Don’t miss out, and book tickets for your favorite festival today. Don’t forget to document your trip, taking video and photos as you go, so that your memories will last a lifetime.

Have you ever visited Quebec before? What was your favorite thing to experience while you were there? Leave us a comment with your best sightseeing suggestions in the section below.

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