Your New York Tick-List


Visiting one of the most iconic cities in the world takes some planning, after all, you don’t want to go all that way and realise that you missed out on something amazing, simply because you didn’t but the research time in.

Now, we are not in any way suggesting that you should walk around with a brightly coloured clipboard, ticking things off as you go, but having a rough idea of what you want to see, and preferably when, is a great way to make sure you actually get to fit everything in, without disappointment.

So, where do you want to go?

It really depends on what sort of break you want to go for – do you want a sightseeing break? A shopping break? Are you wanting to spend time relaxing? What if you have no idea, and you simply want a bit of everything?

Research is key.

In the time leading up to your time in the Big Apple, get Googling! Any attraction tickets you want to book, make sure you use a reputable website, such as, and never leave it until the last minute, trying your luck with a ticket tout – this is simply going to end in upset and disappointment, so always go down official lines.

In terms of shopping, you really need a set route if you want to fit everything in! Of course, if you’re planning on a dedicated shopping break, you can be a little more relaxed about things, but if you’re trying to do a lot of things all at once, it’s always a good idea to dedicate at least two days to shopping, hitting such big names as Bloomingdales etc.

Don’t miss out on the touristy stuff, because that is really what the heart of New York is all about. We are of course talking about the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building – these simply have to be done, and if you bypass them, you’re committing a faux crime!

Put simply, any trip to New York needs to be planned carefully, no matter how long you’re going for. If you plan on sipping cocktails and shopping like Carrie Bradshaw, you’ll probably have a more leisurely time, but if you plan on trying to cram everything in, it’s always going to be advisible to think about comfortable shoes!

There is nothing wrong with having a loose itinerary, simply a rough idea of where you’re going to go and when. How many times on past holidays have you spent the first few hours of the day arguing between yourselves on where you’re going to go? Don’t make the same mistake with such a huge destination as New York – this is somewhere which deserves planning and attention!

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