Fuel your Wanderlust with these Amazing Instagrammers  

If you’re currently in the middle of traveling the world, making a small dent in it, saving up for a few trips here and there, or you’re simply looking for inspiration, Instagram is the place to find it.

Drenched with selfies and irrelevant photos of people’s pets and children, in the middle of all the nonsense you will find some serious fodder for your travel wanderlust tendencies. It’s almost like globe-trotting without the need for a passport, and the best accounts will make you feel like you’re right there with them in the thick of the action.

To help you sort out the good from the bad, I’ve selected six of the most inspiring and quirky travel Instagram accounts which you should be pressing ‘follow’ on quick time. Whenever I’m searching through them, my feet start itching and I’m Googling places to go next – see if you do the same.

@kirstenalana – One of the best female Instagram accounts out there, this is full of great quality photos of interesting sights and landscapes, but the way she updates them makes it feel like a story book, rather than a few random photos. I think this is an account that shows you experiences rather than just sights.

@youngadventuress – If you want inspiration, this is the best place to head. Instagrammer Liz shows us her adventurous travel experiences through photo updates on a regular basis, from kayaking and canoeing, to hiking and flying across the globe.

@theplanetd – We often get so caught up in the seeing of sights that we forget the funny things that happen along the way. Dave and Deb show you the amazing side of travelling, but also the humorous, with odd photos of things they stumble upon throughout their travels. This is a very down to earth account, one everyone can identify with.

@theblondeabroad – This is a girl that is just like you and me, although in my case a lot thinner and more glamorous! Again, this is an account showing you experiences, food, parties, sunsets, everything you would expect from a young girl travelling the world and living her dream. It’s inspiring, that’s the best word for it.

@alexstrohl – We all gaze at photos of amazing landscapes, beaches, mountains, lakes etc in magazines and think ‘wow’, the difference here is that these are a real person’s photos! This is an account with the true wow factor, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of that amazing scene.

@muradosmann – Being able to connect with your audience through photos isn’t that easy, especially when they’re Instagrammed with every filter known to man. This account however does manage to do it and give it a very real and organic feel at the same time. You literally do feel like you’re there, and that’s seriously good news for your wanderlust.

If you only do one thing today, head over to Instagram and follow these amazing accounts.

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