10 Destinations I Plan on Going in 2015  

They say the best laid plans never work, but it’s always a good idea to have a plan, in my opinion! With this in mind, I have a list of destinations I’d love to visit this year, and some of them are pretty obvious choices.

Over the last few years I’ve gone to different places, some off the beaten track, and also returned to somewhere I call my second home time and time again, so I’ve probably missed out a little on the more obvious and touristic destinations.

I plan to rectify this issue this coming year!

Whether I tick every destination off this list really depends on cash, but I will give it a damn good go!

Here are the ten destination I plan on going in 2015 – my year of travel.

Barcelona, Spain – I have an image of Barcelona in my mind, one of pavement cafes, sophistication, and exploring the famous Las Ramblas, and it’s something I certainly intend on ticking off my list.

Disneyland Paris, France – Okay, so this is a total tourist thing to do, but I love Mickey Mouse, and I want to visit his French house, what’s so wrong with that? Of course I will be taking my two nieces with me, so I can blend in a little easier!

Tenerife, Canary Islands – I have a friend who is working in Playa de las Americas and I haven’t seen her in years. She is always telling me how gorgeous the weather is in Tenerife and how beautiful the sights are, so I intend to stop by for a visit.

Singapore – I have a dream of sipping a Singapore Sling in Singapore, and whilst this is one of the things that anyone visiting Singapore wants to do, I don’t care how common it may seem, I want to do it! High rise skyscrapers, amazing views, culture, and technology, I want to see it all.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – I fell in love with the image of Abu Dhabi after watching a TV programme about the UAE, and I want to experience the mystery and allure of such a place. Of course, the beaches look amazing, and that’s no bad thing!

New York, USA – I am a writer, so I have always wanted to pretend to be Carrie Bradshaw! Cocktails, shopping trips, sightseeing, and inspiration to fuel my writing – I believe I’ll find all of this in the Big Apple.

Istanbul, Turkey – I might be cheating a little here because I have been to Istanbul before, albeit a few years ago for a very whistle-stop tour indeed. I saw lots of things in passing which I’d love to go back and explore, not least the beautiful Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque.

Marrakech, Morocco – I’ve visited Turkey a lot, so this is probably why Morocco appeals to me, because it has a similar vibe. Marrakech has always been on my tick-list, with mysterious souks, and surrounding desert landscapes.

Isle of Wight, UK – This is literally on my doorstep but I’ve never been! Just a ferry trip from the south coast and I could be on the Isle of Wight, with amazing natural views and walking opportunities. I basically want a few days cut off from the world, and I believe this will give me that.

Rome, Italy – I have always wanted to get to Rome and never managed it, so this year I will do it! Eating pizza in Rome is one of my dreams, as well as visiting some of the amazing sights on offer. I can’t wait to get there.

Where will you visit this year?

Photo Credit: barcelona after 6 pm via photopin (license)

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