10 Amazing Female Bloggers to Follow in 2015

If you need travel inspiration this year, there are some feisty, fun, and seriously awesome female bloggers out there, happy to give you that bit of sparkle that you might have been missing. If you find yourself unable to travel as far as some of these girls have, then you can easily live through their tales, almost like a soap opera with a new update every week.

The web is filled with blogs, so to take the hard work out of it, here you’ll find ten of the most amazing female bloggers you need to be clicking ‘follow’ for this year.

Anna Everywhere

Anna has been travelling the globe and putting down foundations in various places for the past ten years. Her blog is fun, quirky, and you’ll find out plenty of handy tips for your own travels too. One look at her layout will give you itchy feet, and the inspiring message is simple – if you want to see the world, get out and see it, you don’t need to wait for someone to take you along for the ride.

Camels and Chocolate

Quirky name, quirky blog! Kristin is out to show you that travel is something everyone can go off and do. A fun, informative blog, full of hints and tips to set you on your way. Kristin worked in travel media, so she certainly knows a thing or two.

Further Bound

Hannah from England is someone I think we can all relate to. A 30-something writer who simply wanted more excitement and creativity out of life, so off she went and found it! The inspiring thing about this blog is that Hannah could be any one of us.

Hippie in Heels

Rachel is a solo female traveller who loves her girly heels and dresses, showing you that you can travel fashionably! She is currently living in India and her stories and hints are really entertaining, as well as many tips on planning your next trip.

My Travel Affairs

Marysia is eccentric and fun, and her blog is exactly the same as that. She travels totally off the beaten track and shows you that anyone can do the same. Reading about her crazy adventures is great fun to read, and again, inspiring.

The Blonde Abroad

This blog is award winning, which should give you some hint to its high quality. Written by Kiersten, you will get handy hints and tips about female travel as well as a bit of lifestyle thrown in for good measure. Kiersten writes about all the things that us females want to read about, making it a great choice to follow.

Unbrave Girl

The great thing about Sally’s blog is that she hits the nail right on the head. We are all scared to travel deep down, but Sally talks about how you shouldn’t let that stop you, and you should embrace your fears and do it anyway. It’s empowering to realise that not everyone is quite so gung-ho about travel, and that it’s okay to have worries, as long as you don’t let them stop you.

Bitten by the Travel Bug

Written by Nicole Smith, a well-travelled female, heading off around the world on various adventures. Written in such a way that makes you want to go with her, her line is that she is trying to find a cure for the travel bug!

World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward’s blog is full of useful advice, including some bits and bobs you might never have thought of, such as packing tips, and how to get around easier.

Girl vs Globe

Last but certainly not least we have Sabina, a successful female travel blogger who regularly posts about travel, fashion, and other girly lifestyle issues. Her blog is fun and engaging, and you’ll want to keep checking for updates.

Happy reading!

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