Vacation Activities in Canada

Destination Canada

From the streets of its vibrant and friendly cities to ice-capped mountain peaks, Canada offers great diversity and a limitless range of activities that can adhere to everyone’s liking.

City Sightseeing

Its largest city, Toronto, is considered a more civilized New York, offering glam shopping surrounded by breathtaking skyscrapers, with the miraculous Niagara Falls within reach. The second largest city, Montreal, is France within Canada with a sophisticated chic that is marked in more than 100 festivals held yearly. Food lovers will surely enjoy the buzz of ethnically diverse restaurants located in Vancouver which received the prestigious title of being named as the best place to live in the world. Canada’s capital, Ottawa however, is small, friendly and peaceful, making it a perfect entry to the wilderness, with the less courageous ones always being able to opt for a hike or lake/river canoeing.


Whistler has played host to winter, where there is ski complex that expands over Blackcomb as well. With its abundant snowfall, this popular ski resort enjoys a stunningly long season that begins in November and ends in May.

Ice Climbing

The Yukon is Canada’s treasure of nature. While also offering skiing and snowboarding, ice climbing is another challenge that the mountain that is home to Canada’s highest peek provides not to mention the softer tone for those who enjoy canoeing on its scenic lakes and rivers as well as hikes.


Whether you are planning a corporate team building trip or a fun wedding weekend, the Alberta Canada area promises unforgettable memories, with the bride and groom even getting to go for free in some cases.


The Canadian Rockies are ideal for explorers who are up for a challenge, especially when it comes to the most popular adventure sport. Although it is also known for accidents, Canadian Rockies offer great terrain, both for beginners as they are not as high when compared to world’s highest peaks and accomplished mountaineers as they are a great test due to them being highly technical.

Rock Climbing

This activity grew popular due to its installment in gyms making it available all year round. Along with the Canadian Rockies, Canmore offers what many find to be the most beautiful climbing areas.


The Yukon is famous for its grizzly bears, with the Canadian Rockies National Park offering Wildlife tours which include seeing the park’s most iconic creatures, coyotes and wolves included.


Quebec City is argued to be most beautiful countryside with Quebec being rich with picturesque towns and beautiful sceneries.

Electronic Travel Visa – eTA

Electronic Travel Authorization, ETA allows one to visit Canada as much as one wants, for up to 6 months at a time and it is valid for up to 5 years or until your passport expires if this is sooner, as explained by

Visa-exempt foreign nationals flying to Canada must have a valid electronic travel visa, Canada eTA. US citizens do not need to apply for an ETA, but for more information, please consult

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