The Magic of Venice


Certain cities in the world are just special, and that could be because they are home to a particular landmark or area of importance, or it could be because of a feature that sets them apart. When you look at Venice, there is no other city in the world quite like it – the almost flooded city which requires boats to get around. If you’re looking for somewhere unique and charming, drenched in sophistication, then there is no better city than this.

Venice is perfect for a city break to celebrate a special occasion, maybe an anniversary, a birthday, or treating the special lady in your life on Mother’s Day, but whatever the occasion, there is certainly more than enough to keep even the most restless of people occupied in this powerhouse Italian city.

The great thing about Venice is the general feel of it – whilst many cities have a hustle and bustle element to them, Venice feels calm, serene, like it almost seems to float through life, and it is sophisticated and glittering, somewhere which feels exclusive. Getting around is predictably water-based, and you can either take a private water-taxi, or jump on the vaporetti, or waterbus. If you want to amp up the romance or do something typically Venetian, then a private gondola ride is the way to go, although this will cost you a pretty penny, so do bear that in mind. There are no roads or cars in Venice, which will certainly feel strange at first!

Perfect for a break from the usual run of the mill world you have at home, Venice is full of winding canals, bridges, amazing architecture, as well as fantastic shopping. The Piazza San Marco is the main shopping area, so certainly remember that credit card! Alternatively, Rialto market is a good spot for something a little different, overlooked by the famous Rialto Bridge. Put simply, you can’t go to Venice and not have a ride down the Grand Canal, heading towards this iconic bridge, it’s a Venetian rite of passage!

There are also plentiful waterside cafes which are perfect for watching the world go by, or seeing the beautiful sight of the sun going down over the city – this a definite camera moment to have in your collection.

So, if you’re looking for somewhere unique to treat a special someone in your life, whatever the occasion, then Venice is certainly a top destination contender.

Photo Credit: Jean-Phi92

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