NYC on a Shoestring


You might think that New York, New York, the city so good it had to be named twice, would be a major drain on the cash resources. Well yes, if you go all gung-ho about it, then you will find you spend a minor fortune in the city, however if you’re careful, you plan your time accordingly, and you give some prior thought to where you’re staying, you may find that New York can be a little more budget-friendly than you first thought.

This is good news!

So, how can you visit New York on a shoestring, and still experience everything the Big Apple has to offer?

Here’s a few tips to help you save money on your trip to this powerhouse city.

Find a cheap flight

Whilst this might sound like an impossible task, you can find budget flights if you look hard enough. You may find this comes at a payoff, such as having to fly at very unsociable hours, or even indirect, but if you can save cash, you should just deal with the inconvenience and look forward to your time when you do arrive. Money saved here gives you a better foundation to build on, and more money to spend whilst you’re there.

Go for cheaper accommodation

You might want to do the whole Carrie Bradshaw thing whilst you’re in NYC, but unless you’re rich this just isn’t going to happen, so make peace with the fact and look for budget accommodation that is basic and comfortable. Provided your hotel is in a safe area, and it is clean, then it really serves as somewhere to rest your head at the end of a busy day sightseeing, and that’s really all you need.

Avoid yellow cabs

Yellow cabs are iconic in NYC, but they are also expensive when the metre is ticking down! Avoid this like the plague and instead get down with local buses and transport, just like the locals. You will find this a more authentic experience, and you will save money in the process – double whammy! You might find it confusing at first, but just do a bit of research before you head over and you’ll be more than fine.

Get down with free activities

Yes, they do exist! For example, many of the city’s museums are free, which means you get to do plenty for no dollars. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is also an iconic experience which costs nothing, and all you need to do is remember your camera to catch those breath-taking views of the Manhattan skyline.

Stock up at breakfast, and fuel your sightseeing

You don’t want to be paying out for expensive meals on the go, so if you have access to a buffet breakfast at your hotel, or there is a restaurant nearby that does this, then head there and fill your boots to get you through to your evening meal – money saved!

There is no denying that New York can be expensive if you push the boat out, however like any city on the planet, you can cut costs if you’re careful, which doesn’t take away any of the enjoyment of this magical city.

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