First Time in NYC?


Don’t miss these five experiences

Visiting New York City itself is an experience to behold; before you even catch your breath you will be thrown into a throng of fast-paced vibrancy which will leave your head spinning! Of course, a city of this size and stature is full of experiences to be had, but if you’re only visiting for a short space of time, how can you whittle it down to the best?

Well, below you will find five of the must-visit attractions and must-have experiences on your first visit to the Big Apple. Of course, you’re going to have to do the touristy stuff, because quite frankly it would be a crime not to, so grab your camera and some comfortably shoes, and be prepared to be wowed by the city that never sleeps.

Times Square

Everyone knows what this looks like, although many of those people have never been. Pictured in countless films and magazines, this is where the famous New Year Ball Drop happens, and where you will find those huge moving billboards, surrounded by skyscrapers. Fast paced, frenetic, and downright New York, this is the iconic experience everyone must have on their first visit.

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty deserves a visit, and Liberty Island will certainly be on your must do list. The first glimpse of New York for those heading over on the boat all those years ago, be prepared for queues and crowds, but embrace it! Certainly get your camera ready, because this is possibly the number one photo you will want to remember.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

A totally free experience and one that will leave you with amazing photos of the Manhattan skyline. Throw on some comfortable shoes and enjoy the walk, taking around an hour depending on how fast you go. The views are stunning, and the chance to get a bit of exercise and free space in this bustling city is something you must do.

Empire State Building

One of the tallest structures in New York offers breath-taking views from the 86th floor observation deck, and although you will have to deal with crowds, you can avoid a little bit of waiting by booking your ticket online ahead of time. You can’t visit New York and not head here.

Central Park

843 acres of serenity greet you in Central Park, a stunning green habitat in the middle of one of the fastest paced cities in the world. You may forget you’re in the heart of a city, and for any fans of Friends, this is a must do. Hire a bike and explore, walk, jog, have a picnic, take part in sporting activities, or simply wander to your heart’s content.

There are of course countless other activities and experiences to be had in New York, such as catching a Broadway show, shopping at Bloomingdales, or sipping a cocktail a la Carrie Bradshaw, but if we’re whittling it down, these are certainly the top five.

Photo Credit: Justin Brown

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