A Whirlwind Week in Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries that is on most wish lists. Pyramids, brightly coloured fish, markets to haggle on, basically an ancient country full of wonders to see. The thing you might not be aware of is that it is also a huge country, and it’s virtually impossible to see all of it, in fact it is totally impossible to see it all during one week. Because of that, you need to pick and choose where you go, so you get to see as much of an overview as possible.

If I was heading off to Egypt for a week’s travel then I would start in Cairo, because a) you’re going to get cheaper flights here, and b) it’s a great starting point, full of things to see in one place. Of course, for a single female travelling alone in Egypt you do need to be aware of a few pointers, but it’s generally common sense – don’t flash your valuables, dress conservatively, and don’t head off alone off the beaten track. Quite the usual advice!

So, you’re in Cairo, what can you see? Cairo is of course the home of the huge and famous Egyptian Museum and this is a must do to give you the best overview of the fascinating history of the country. From here you’ll be able to appreciate what you’re seeing much more. The Giza Necropolis is the next place, something that every single person should go out of their way to see, as well as the Pyramid of Djoser, the Babylon Fortress, and for a spot of the modern, the Cairo Tower. Haggling on the colourful markets is a great way to pick up souvenirs, but do be careful when trying street food.

From Cairo you can easily pick up a cheap flight to Luxor, our next stop.

Luxor is of course the home of the famous Valley of the Kings, and Luxor Temple. You can’t visit this part of Egypt and not visit the Valley of the Kings, it’s the law or something! Do be sure to take sunscreen and a hat with you, as during the summer months especially, the heat can be overwhelming. From Luxor it’s possible to jump on a day long cruise on some of the Nile, and if you get the opportunity, this is another tick you can put in a box.

From Luxor you jump on another plane and hotfoot it over to Hurghada. This is the next place I’d visit, although obviously there is leeway in this, because you’ve seen the ancient wonders of Cairo and Luxor, and now it’s time to relax, and see the natural wonders of Egypt. Here you can kick back on a beach, relax, and of course, do a spot of snorkelling. The Red Sea is famous for its abundant, colourful, and vibrant marine-life, so you have to check it out whilst you’re there! I’d also be topping up my tan whilst I got the chance!

This suggested route would take you a week, and it only covers three destinations, so you can understand the sheer size of the country we’re talking about.

Grab your camera, your comfortable shoes and get exploring the ancient wonders of Egypt – it will be a week to remember!

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