A Cautionary Tale  


Let me tell you a story, are you sitting comfortably?

This is a story about a girl who was excited to be going on holiday, packed her case, grabbed her hand luggage, and headed off to the train station, ready to jump on the train to the airport.

Pretty normal so far, right?

Well, the twist is about to come in.

What that poor girl didn’t realise was that she would be sharing said train carriage with what seemed like a million other people, two of which (yes, two) were sat in the seat she had booked, which she finally reached twenty minutes after boarding the train, having done battle with the luggage rack and her oversized case, causing her to sweat off her carefully applied make up, and leave her with hair that had stuck itself to her forehead.

Was this girl happy? No, she was not.

I know this, because that girl was me.

That girl also had bruises on her shins from the battle with the case, which incidentally, the case won. I don’t think the woman whose toe she also accidentally ran over was too impressed either.

Okay, so the moral of this story is easy. Basically I always used to use public transport to get to the airport, and whilst it stressed me out a little, it took this rather horrendous experience to get me to try something new. From that day on I decided to drive myself to the airport and park up instead. The difference was amazing, and as a result, I was calm, collected, make up stayed on, hair wasn’t plastered where it shouldn’t be, and I was bruise-free when I arrived at the airport. No-one else was hurt either, you’ll be pleased to know.

Airport parking basically changed my travel day for the better, and if you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, concerned about your blood pressure at the check-in desk, then I’d urge you to make the same change as me. It doesn’t matter where you’re flying from in the UK, as you’ll find a service to suit regardless, including the more regional airports, with Leeds Airport parking offered at equally fantastic rates.

If you’re flying as a group, or a family, then you will probably find that driving yourself and parking up at the airport saves you money, compared to the cost of x number of people on the bus or train. It’s really common sense at the end of the day.

Don’t be that girl struggling with a huge, pink, flowery suitcase on a packed train platform, looking like you’re going to burst a blood vessel at any moment; believe me, I’ve done it, and it’s not an attractive look.

Photo Credit: A343 via photopin (license)

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